Friday, January 25, 2013

Rambutan Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Rambutan is the native fruit from Indonesia and Malaysia(wikipedia). The benefit of rambutan can be equated with other favorite fruits, like oranges and apples. Rambutan contains phosphorus, iron, protein, fat, vitamin C, carbohydrates, and so on. Not only fruit, rambutan skin also contains tannins and saponins. Seed that contain polyphenols and fat also makes rambutan more special, because in addition to tasty fruit, it also has many benefits.

Some experts have conducted several studies of how large the benefits of rambutan fruit. Among them, rambutan fruit is rich in potassium, iron and vitamin C. Every 100 grams or about 3 rambutan fruit contains 18 grams of carbohydrates, 58 grams of vitamins, and 70 calories. Rambutan fiber content is also relatively high at 2 grams per 100 grams of fruit. As you know good use of fiber to lose weight.

Rambutan benefits not only from the fruit, but also from various other elements such as fruit peel, bark, and leaves. Fruit skins can be used to cure dysentery and fevers. While the bark can be used to cure canker sores, rambutan leaf to treat diarrhea.

Rambutan Nutrition Facts

Rambutan Health Benefits

Dysentery treatment
Provide sufficient rambutan skin, cut into small pieces, then add three cups of water and boiled it. Once the water getting black color and the water remaining half, remove and let cool. Filtered and drink regularly three times a day.

Nourish hair
Take some rambutan leaf, then mash until smooth. Combine water. Squeeze and strain the juice yield water. Then, shampoo made ​​from the leaves of fruit rambutan is ready to nourish your hair.

Healing fever
Take rambutan skin that had previously been dried. Wash and add a few cups of water, then boil until really boiling. Drink the stew routinely 3 times a day.

Diabetes treatment
Take five rambutan seeds, roasted and then fried. After that, the seeds that have been roasted crushed into powder, and mix with a glass of hot water. Once cool, drink at the same time and do it consistently.