Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Persimmon Fruit Health Benefits

Persimmon fruit has a lot of nickname such Diospyros kaki, Oriental persimmonJapanese Persimmon, Kaki Persimmon or Asian Persimmon in North America, that also known as Sharon fruit.  Reuters Health, New York, study result stated that the persimmon fruit is better than apples, especially for maintaining heart health. Persimmon fruits contain fiber two times more than apples. It's also contain more complete nutrition such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, and iron. Also still has a phenolic acid belonged antioxidant, a potent free radicals.

Fresh persimmon fruit contains 19.6% carbohydrates, mainly fructose and glucose, 0.7% protein, vitamin A and potassium. Each 100 g contains energy persimmon 88 cal, 15 g carbohydrates, 6 mg calcium, phosphorus 26 mg, 813 mcg of retinol, ascorbic acid and 20 mg.

Besides having many health benefits,  persimmon can also be make as cake. In the UK cake made ​​from persimmon fruit known as persimmon cake. Persimmon fruit can also keep the body look slimmer. Health experts say that the persimmon is very powerful especially for people who want their body to stay slim. The other persimmon fruit health benefits are able to prevent heart disease, can lower cholesterol levels in the body because this fruit contains polyphenols which can lower bad cholesterol, persimmon also can be used as medicine mixture.

Persimmon Fruit Health Benefits

Keeping the Body to Keep Slim
Persimmon proved to have efficacy similar to apples. Health experts often recommend to eat an apple for people who are on a diet.

Preventing heart disease
Eating a persimmon fruit each day can help you prevent heart disease. Antioxidant compounds contained in the persimmon able to maintain the flexibility of blood vessels so there is no blockage.

Lowering Cholesterol Levels
Persimmon fruits contain polyphenols that may serve to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

Low Calories fruit
The fruit is low in calories (provides 70 cal/100g) and fat but rich source of fiber.

Hypertension or high blood pressure.
Persimmon fruit juice added a little warm water and drink once a day.

Coughing up phlegm and asthma
Take two pieces of dried persimmon and then add a little water and then steamed until cooked. Then puree and add 1 tablespoon of pure honey.

Treat Stomach Pain
Fresh persimmon contains 19.6% carbohydrates, mainly fructose and glucose, 0.7% protein, vitamin A and potassium.

Prepare some pieces of the dried persimmon, then you boiled to a pulp and mixed with sticky rice and slices of orange 2 pieces only. Mix until smooth, remove from heat and consume is to patients with diarrhea 3 times a day.

Persimmon Fruit Nutrition Facts

Persimmon fruit (Diospyros virginiana),
Japanese, fresh,
Nutrition Value per 100 g
(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)
PrincipleNutrient ValuePercentage of RDA
Energy70 Kcal3.5%
Carbohydrates18.59 g14%
Protein0.58 g1%
TotalFat0.19g 1%
Cholesterol0 g0%
Dietary Fiber3.6 g9.5%
Choline7.6 mg1.5%
Folates8 µg2%
Niacin0.100 mg1%
Pyridoxine0.100 mg7.5%
Riboflavin0.020 mg1.5%
Thiamin0.030 mg2.5%
Vitamin C7.5 mg12.5%
Vitamin A81 IU3%
Vitamin E0.73 mg5%
Vitamin K2.6 µg2%
Sodium1 mg0%
Potassium161 mg2.5%
Calcium8 mg0.8%
Copper0.113 mg12.5%
Iron0.15 mg2%
Magnesium9 mg2%
Manganese0.355 mg15%
Phosphorus17 mg4.5%
Zinc0.11 mg1%
Carotene-α0 µg--
Carotene-β253 µg--
Crypto-xanthin-β1447 µg--
Lutein-zeaxanthin834 µg--
Lycopene159 µg--