Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Do Not Wait The Symptoms, Check Your Blood Pressure Now!

Disorders of the heart and blood vessels are regarded as the number one killer often begins with hypertension or high blood pressure. Therefore, hypertension should be avoided. Hypertension is included in the disease that kills silently (the silent disease), because people generally do not realize they develop hypertension before their blood pressure checked.

Prolonged elevation of blood pressure would damage the blood vessels in most of the body. In some organs such as the heart, kidneys, brain, and eyes will be damaged. Damage a number of organs that can lead to cardiovascular problems (a series of disorders that attack the heart and blood vessels), including heart attack and stroke.

The older the person, the risk of developing hypertension is also higher because the blood vessels more rigid so that systolic pressure is high. However, hypertension also affects many young people. Usually the main risk factor is diet. Too much salt intake increases the risk of hypertension. Actually, not taste salty to be avoided, but the sodium content. The recommended sodium intake is less than 6 grams, equivalent to one teaspoon per day.

According to Nutrifood Research Center, sodium not only salt contained in cooking as a seasoning but also found in fast foods, processed foods such as sausages, instant noodles, ketchup and soy sauce. Sodium can also be found in sweet foods such as donuts or ketchups. To induce savory taste in cuisine, we can get around the use of salt with spices or choose low-sodium food products.

Do not wait for symptoms, check now!

Public awareness about the importance of checking blood pressure is still very low. Due to asymptomatic, so someone check his blood pressure was already included hypertension. High blood pressure symptoms usually appear after there has been damage to organs such as heart, kidney, and brain. Blood pressure measurements can be performed at home regularly using the tool, especially for those Yag have hypertension. Can be carried out for seven days in the morning and evening with a sitting position to get a true blood pressure.

Before checking, do the rest for 5 minutes and avoid foods and drinks that may increase blood pressure. There are two blood pressure measured, ie systolic and diastolic. Blood pressure is considered normal if less than 120 mmHg systolic and diastolic blood pressure less than 80 mmHg.